Ok maybe not in the literal sense, but it sure does feel that way when you've lived nearly 30 years of your gaming life and never had an NES when you were a child. We were the one in 50 households that had the Sega systems starting with the Sega Master System back in the 80's. If I was living in Brazil or anywhere in South America I would be one with the popular crowd, but unfortunately that was not the case. I can remember when I got the Sega Genesis for my 6th birthday I asked my dad if we could get a NES, and his response to me was "When you're 18 you can buy one yourself.". Little did I know at the time once I hit 18 the NES was no longer in retail. I had a Playstation 2 all the while fully indulging myself in the beauty of emulation and playing all the Nintendo favorites on my computer.

 College life comes and goes and I soon find myself in the adult working field. After roughly 5 years slaving away at a job that's nowhere near who I am I thought up the idea to start my own business and become my own boss buying and selling video games. This brought me back to the realization I was free to buy all the Nintendo consoles that I had missed out on. Without a second to lose I look through a picked up a NES console and (35) game lot for $250!

 A week goes by and the big heavy box finally arrives. I have never been this happy to own a console in a very very long time, and it certainly won't stop there. The SNES and N64 will probably be next in line that make me orgasm with thrill and excitement. Afterwards the Gamecube, Japanese Wii, and maybe Wii U later on. I know it's weird I'm looking to a Japanese Wii, but when you're a Fatal Frame/Project Zero fan you have to go all out...and besides, doesn't the Wii U play Wii games? Both regions covered right there.

 There are a lot of great games that came with this system. All the Mario's, Zelda's, TMNT's, Contra, Double Dragon II + III, Battletoads, Kid Icarus, and Metroid just to name a few. Out of all the games there's at least 9 that I would personally keep for my own collection, however if the sales from the rest of the games do not net me a profit from what I paid, then I will sell a couple games to make up the difference and keep whatever is left. From the pricing research I've done I should make roughly $70 in profit just on the games alone, which is nice.

 While I can safely say I have played on an NES console at friends houses in my childhood, I have never owned one myself until today, and I will certainly take great care in it and treasure it as I play and sell games for the console!

While I may not have any of the NES games listed at this time (need to order some dust covers first) if you are at all interesting in seeing what I have available, you can check out my listings here