Short WEED this week as things have been going on in RL and I haven't been keeping much tabs online (if you haven't noticed by the slow updates lately).

DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Rock Band 3, all coming in the not too distant future.  It's a bit surprising how the rhythm genre of gaming has had it's popular moments from DDR in the early 2000's, to Guitar Hero in the mid-2000's, and Rock Band finishing the late 2000's.  Rhythm games have been a huge successor in gaming as a way of exercise, a way to "play" your favorite rock songs, and also an excuse to get together with friends and just have a grand ol' time.  DJ Hero attempted to be the next big thing, but fell just a bit short of the excitement which got me wondering, has the rhythm genre of gaming had it's fun? Should these games continue making sequel after sequel adding new and  innovative ideas to the current game knowing almost full well that the sales won't be in the millions like it's predecessors? Do you still find the same enjoyment out of these games no matter how many or how little sales they get?

I can't "stick" with Adsense because I was disabled from it for illegal click activity. I am unable to put the ads back up, I can no longer earn money, and all the money I earned got sent back to the advertisers. Unless you know of a way for me to get back on it after I've already attempted at an appeal and got denied reactivation, then please by all means let me know how it's done! But as far as I know I'm forced to go an alternative route, which is the reason why I've been asking what the next best option would be.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AdBrite is not being too bright so far...

Throughout the day I've been trying to sign up with AdBrite, however the captcha isn't being accepted after multiple attempts in various formats (with spaces, without, caps, lowercase).  It's the only thing that's stopping me from making money. -.- I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right, but maybe I'm not using the right browser (Firefox), or what?

...also SirRonLionheart is awesome

EDIT: My AdSense is disabled due to illegal click activity, and after trying to appeal the decision, they've decided to keep it disabled, so that is why I'm going to AdBrite.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a quickie

So the investigation has concluded, and I am without I'll have to go for an alternative, and I'm not sure where to go. I'm not sure which one would pay out the most quickest, or which will not get me so easily thrown out for no specific reasons.

In unrelated news, a $100 DS rumble pack that works with 4 games:

Monday, September 20, 2010

I just love hard games, don't you?

They force you to WORK for your victories / trophies / achievements.

...but of course everyone likes easy to learn, difficult to master kind of games...which isn't bad either, but kind of a cheap way to "master" a game, no?

September 13, 1985 was the Japanese release date of a red overalls plumber known as Mario, and his brother Luigi running through 8 worlds of pipes, goombas, koopa troopers, hammer bros., and other obstacles rescuing Princess Toadstool from the evil King Koopa.  It was a very simple game, but who would have guessed 25 years later and he's still remembered through his big debut on the NES....DESPITE the fact that the arcade game "Mario Bros.", released in 1983, was technically his first portraying to his "Mario" name. With Donkey Kong he was only known as "Jumpman" but was his actual debut, despite being a carpenter and not fighting off koopas.  Though I do understand that being Super Mario Bros. was probably everyone's first experience with Mario and it can be considered a pretty big deal, I still feel a bit confused but I guess I can't complain. Super Mario Bros. the greatest adventure yet, after all these years? Or did he create something better along the way? Mario 64? Super Mario World? Super Mario Galaxy?

According to Yahoo! Halo: Reach, with it's $200 million release is actually creating a huge dent in the gaming industry as a whole! The game is SO popular, that future big titles like CoD: Black Ops and Medal of Honor are in fear of bad sales due to the extended popularity of Halo: Reach. There's fear that with the amazing multiplayer that the game has for players, it'll keep everyone entertained for a long long while, moreso than with Modern Warfare 2. Of course they're not talking just with FPS games, but other's like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Tron: Evolution are in fear of bad sales as well, when normally they would get high and decent sales themselves. But let's be honest, would you hook yourself to Halo: Reach for such a long time, you don't even bother to pick up any other games for awhile? Do you fear your favorite games may drop in popularity (online-wise) to the point of almost being deserted due to this game?

Ah, Pedobear...once just an innocent internet meme that everyone loved and poked fun of for many years...that is, until the west coast decided to take into action and declare this lovable bear as a threat to children across the world as a "mascot for pedophiles". San Diago, CA, and Tulsa, OK are just 2 cities who've encountered a person cosplaying as Pedobear for a convention.  One of which was an actual sex offender and got arrested, while the other was just doing it for fun and was mistaken to be possibly the same guy. Now everyone is in panic, word is spreading amongst newspapers and TV all shouting to protect your children from someone who may randomly cosplay as Pedobear to go after your children, offering free candy and possibly "touching" your children...Is America starting to get a little TOO paranoid with "new fads" that are made for fun and joking around? Do we need to teach them more about the internet so they can better understand the difference between a joking situation, and a serious one? Maybe American's are just too overly stressed out with all the deals with terrorism, low economy, and other negative events going on in the world that indirectly relate to them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Want the "Ultimate Gaming Experience"?

Then you better be pretty rich bastard if you want to get anywhere NEAR this type of resolution!

...but you will also be sacrificing various neck pains from actually having to turn your head while playing as well!

Also, action-packed Pokeymans

I noticed someone mention a certain game in comparison to Heavy Rain and that it was "superior to Heavy Rain in every way imaginable.", despite this game was a survival horror, and Heavy Rain was just simply a cinematic crime adventure type....thing. So I looked more into and I couldn't believe what I was seeing...and dare I say it, it was a bad game that I wanted to own.

Now I'm quite surprised this made it to the 360 in the US as an exclusive but never made it to the PS3, however it's on the PS3 in Japan under the title "Red Seeds Profile". Now what is it that makes this game look bad? Just watch this little clip:

It's no joke, that is how the actual game looks.  My first thought was "...wait, this is on the 360 and PS3?" Because I actually thought to read Xbox and PS2, but surprisingly not. Graphics aside, and awkward humor, people have said this was a pretty decent game, and so I'm thinking of taking a plunge on the PS3 version.

1. " Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D," $27.7 million.
2. "Takers," $6.1 million.
3. "The American," $5.9 million.
4. "Machete," $4.2 million.
5. "Going the Distance," $3.8 million.
6. "The Other Guys," $3.6 million.
7. "The Last Exorcism," $3.5 million.
8. "The Expendables," $3.3 million.
9. "Inception," $3 million.
10. "Eat Pray Love ," $2.9 million.

Those are the ticket sales from this weekend in the US and Canada, and as you can see Resident Evil totally blows away Takers by over $20 million! I don't believe there's been any other game-based movie that's hit #1 in it's opening release, or at least opened with such a huge gap between 1st and 2nd. Granted, I haven't seen the movie myself yet, but I do plan to probably this friday depending on showtimes and my schedule.  Maybe Resident Evil got lucky.  Maybe because there's really no big name films that came out that same week, it lucked out to catch the #1 spot.  Then again if Inception came out this, or last week it probably would've shadowed over Resident Evil easily.

I almost had nothing really to post until I decided to play some HeartGold today, and lo and behold I suddenly run into my very first shiny, a Zubat! Met him at lv. 8 in Rock Tunnel in Kanto region.  The most surprising factor was my utter non-reaction to when I ran into it.  I was just "...oh it's shiny, sweet!" but nothing like other people who totally flip out over the sight of a shiny as if they just won a million dollars or something lol.

So I thought of doing this little mini-discussion segment once a week, sort of like an interactive feed to get some feedback on the latest (or random) news in the gaming world as well as possibly a bit of other happenings in the movie/TV business.  I call it the "WeekEnd Entertainment Discussion" (or WEED), and as the name hints, it'll happen during the weekend either on Sunday or Saturday.

So Halo Reach is just a few days away from release, and everyone is going absolutely nuts about it! Are you going to be sitting in front of your local GameStop along with thousands of other gamers waiting for the midnight launch?  Are you absolutely sick of Halo, you wish the whole franchise would just die already? Are FPS's in general just getting a bit TOO much hype with such games as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops (and of course all other big name FPS titles before them)?
Last night in the UK marked the final episode of Ultimate Big Brother, and the final episode of the entire reality series of Big Brother. 10 years, and 22 seasons of housemates living in confinement for a chance to win ₤100,000. The British version of Big Brother is probably the most well known and most popular version of the show with millions of viewers watching the show every night 7 days a week, and moreso on the live streams on the Official Big Brother website. With this nation's version of Big Brother who knows how much longer the US will last, as they've been airing Big Brother just as long. Albeit not as entirely popular as in the UK, it's managed to last 10 years on it's own as well. Are you sad to see Big Brother be over for good? Are you not a huge reality show fan at all, you just wish the whole idea of it never existed? Are reality shows really just false advertising knowing that they're mostly staged despite otherwise stated it's "all real"? What makes them so entertaining to watch?

It's simply a matter of life...

...or death!

and that's what Super Mario Bros. 3 has taught us! :D

11 years ago, these clips were setting the stage for Sega's greatest comeback from the Saturn, and were only found to air on MTV.

...then on 9.9.99, during the MTV VMA's, it was released:

Happy birthday, Dreamcast! Deep down we all know that you're still thinking...

EDIT: Also a very special 15th birthday to the Playstation, released Sept. 9th 1995 in the US!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something a bit different

Been thinking of my next gaming purchase for a bit now.  I've got between Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, Bioshock 1+2, Scott Pilgram, and Earthworm Jim HD as my current "must haves" at the moment. I've been looking pretty deep into Mirror's Edge the past few days and kind of itching to get that first.  Of course Bioshock and Fallout 3 being very awesome games are not far behind.  Scott Pilgram I WOULD have had on release were it not for 3D Dot Game Heroes taking up my time to earn Platinum on. Now I seem to kind of want to wait till it goes on sale, because I'm almost SURE it's going to at some point in the future for $5 and that would be a good deal to wait up on.  I remember buying After Burner Climax and Final Fight Double Impact both on release, and weeks later both went on sale for $5 each, so in a way I've kind of learned my lesson when it comes to sales on PSN. I've still got the whole Kanto region of HeartGold to work on in the meantime, and that's not going to take very long I don't think (with a level 100 Typhlosion, I could probably finish in 1 sitting if I wanted).

Why was this made?...
Professional Mode: You watch the whole thing without rage

America? Seriously? the 90's, even!

(about damn time AdSense approved me...only took more than a week compared to supposedly 5-10 minutes? -.-)

Also, the "Glorious PC Master Race" in action: