Games are a great way to escape from the troubles and stress of everyday life in the real world. Though sometimes there's no way to get your hands on a controller or find any sort of time to just sit down and play a game. Sometimes when you think about gaming one aspect that would come to mind is the music that plays during the game, and a lot of that music would be stuck in your head for eternity. Many games are beloved by many partially due to the amazing soundtracks that come with the game. This is especially true to such classic RPG's as Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana, and Legend of Zelda. The soundtracks are amazingly well done and are very memorable to many to be some of the best work produced on 8 and 16-bit consoles.

It's not just RPG's that have fantastic and memorable music. A lot of other genres can carry some pieces of music that are loved by many gamers from action/adventure, platformer, fighting, and even puzzle games. There's something about the simplicity of these soundtracks that are soothing to the ears and bring in that same kind of escape from reality as the games they are featured in. The music, when heard outside of the game, will usually bring you to that specific point in the game where the music was played, and will provide you some loving (or hate to love) memories.

Today's soundtracks are just as important in games as their older brothers from the 80's and 90's. Many soundtracks today are produced with actual instruments, practically orchestral. Even now with actual orchestras bringing back the older soundtracks and re-imagining some songs to give a new direction of those same memorable chiptunes we heard when we were younger. One such concert series that does these orchestral performances of video games is Video Games Live created by music composer Tommy Tallarico, whose done music for countless number of video games such as Earthworm Jim, MDK, Maximo, Unreal, and Metroid Prime just to name a few.

Whether your taste in music is for the classic chiptunes of yesterday, or the orchestral and rock pieces of today, there is sure to be a piece of music you heard in a game that really caught your ear. It's those kind of songs that can take us away to another land that is out of the ordinary and fills us with excitement, peace, and happiness all around.


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