Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Blog + YouTube Update

A couple days ago I looked through my YouTube videos and playlists and seemed a little disgusted with how it was all organized based around all the different kinds of videos I upload. I then remembered a couple people I follow that had made their own web pages that basically simplified the traditional YouTube playlists to make it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. So with that inspiration to go by I went ahead and made a new page to link all of my YouTube videos organized by which games I have played and the videos associated with said games. You can check out the link on the right, or by clicking HERE.

I've been having a little bit of a rush in terms of working on my channel again (along with this blog, of course) and thinking up some content ideas to upload and share. There's not much in terms of thinking up an original idea. I've done both a speedrun and a let's play, and that's probably as much of those as I'll do. Maybe down the road I'll do more on speedrunning at the least, and as for let's plays I don't have a proper microphone. I'm also way too shy to speak, so I don't think I would be much entertainment for people in that sense...but I guess you'll never know.

I also had an idea to go through my whole collection of games and beat them all from start to finish. Kind of like a longplay / walkthrough, but just mainly gameplay while skipping cutscenes, optional objectives, etc and keeping any deaths intact. I've also thought up possibly doing post-commentary on a few games if there's a need for explanation on a lot of choices I make during the playthrough but as of now that won't be the case without a mic. This might be what I'll end up doing, but the ideas are still floating around for now.


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