Saturday, August 30, 2014

PAX Prime - Day 2

 Day 2, just as awesome, maybe more awesome than the first day. More panels, more celeb meet ups, lets just break it down.

 First stop was the TwitchPlaysPokemon panel. Lets just say there's more than a load of data that's been archived from just the first run through Pokemon Red. Data such as the most popular command used, the user who posted the most commands, how long people watched the stream on average, number of unique viewers, and so much more. Next up was a trip to watch a couple matches from the LCS semifinals. Lastly was an improv panel with a couple members from LoadingReadyRun and Extra Credits. It was generally a geek filled version of Whose Line Is It Anyway. It was an absolute riot and was very glad I caught it. Definitely looking forward to Late Night Dub Fight tomorrow night. Also got a chance to meet and chat a bit with Graham Stark and beej after the improv panel before the night was over.

 That's basically day in a nutshell aside that I bought myself a 10 year anniversary of PAX T-shirt and also the Zelda Hyrule Historia book which will take me awhile to get through. It's a book that I've been looking to get since it was released that basically gives the official rundown on the Zelda series and the proper chronological order of the games. A very informational book that I'm sure to enjoy!


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