Monday, September 20, 2010

I just love hard games, don't you?

They force you to WORK for your victories / trophies / achievements.

...but of course everyone likes easy to learn, difficult to master kind of games...which isn't bad either, but kind of a cheap way to "master" a game, no?


Nigma said...

they make me rage Q.Q

razortek said...

cool!suppin bro :)
check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

David said...

Showing my DAILY support I REALLY need yours aswell!

Illyasviel said...

That is exactly how I feel about any game I'm not good at. BOO! Although I am not much of a player for those types of games, but I would like to try Touhou.

ghostburnz said...

Well depends, is the game actually hard or cheaply hard. I suck at video games most of the time though and do get pissed off sometimes at hard games so I try to stay away from ones that make me rage.

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