Short WEED this week as things have been going on in RL and I haven't been keeping much tabs online (if you haven't noticed by the slow updates lately).

DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Rock Band 3, all coming in the not too distant future.  It's a bit surprising how the rhythm genre of gaming has had it's popular moments from DDR in the early 2000's, to Guitar Hero in the mid-2000's, and Rock Band finishing the late 2000's.  Rhythm games have been a huge successor in gaming as a way of exercise, a way to "play" your favorite rock songs, and also an excuse to get together with friends and just have a grand ol' time.  DJ Hero attempted to be the next big thing, but fell just a bit short of the excitement which got me wondering, has the rhythm genre of gaming had it's fun? Should these games continue making sequel after sequel adding new and  innovative ideas to the current game knowing almost full well that the sales won't be in the millions like it's predecessors? Do you still find the same enjoyment out of these games no matter how many or how little sales they get?


Nigma said...

The fad is over i guess

Hey, just wanted to tell you that my blog has a new URL so check it out!

Tornado Jackson said...

Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

Lemmiwinks said...

Great post!

looking forward to reading the next one

Wise One said...

love the blog

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