You would get an indie game from the great minds at Michael Todd Games called Electronic Super Joy. If you've played such grueling platformers such as I Wanna Be The Guy or Super Meat Boy, this game will feel right at home. What sets this game apart from the others is the groove-alicious environment, quirky humor and the amazing bass-heavy electronic music by EnV.

I first came across this game at this years PAX East hearing the games music overtaking the ambient sounds of the Expo Hall. I'll admit the music was the first thing that drew my attention to the game and wanted to learn what it was all about. After watching some other people playing the demo I grabbed that controller and stood there for roughly an hour and played through the whole demo from start to finish. I must have been the only person to ever do that, never mind do it in a single...well, standing. It definitely showed that I enjoyed the game very much and was probably the perfect example to show the level of difficulty that was not the "this game is too hard" *ragequit* kind.

The game is now available for early access on Steam for $4.99. It may not be as huge of a hit as Super Meat Boy, but it's definitely a sleeper hit in my book.


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