Saturday, August 3, 2013's been years!

Long time no see everyone! Obviously I stopped blogging due to AdSense telling me to bluntly "fuck off", but one day I decided to look back and see that people actually enjoyed what I had posted in the past...and it got me wondering just why did I stop?

So I may start posting again from time to time just for fun and give my thoughts on various happenings with my gaming life, such as:

It's pretty crazy how much Steam has grown over the years and I never had the thought to even sign up for it and join in on the crazy sales Valve gives it's customers everyday of the year! Well it all changed this past May when I finally decided to break down and sign up for myself. I had to buy a game to even start adding friends to my profile and it's probably the one and only game I'll buy at full price. That game was Your Doodles Are Bugged! a simple $4.49 game that plays much like the classic Lemmings where a large number of bugs appear on a paper filled with little doodles, and you must draw various lines to lead the bugs to their home (some jar-like object filled with honey?) Granted I know there were much better games out there, but this was the cheapest I could get at the time. Of course the following weekend was a sale for the BIT.TRIP series, which are probably a lot more enjoyable. I still need to get myself BIT.TRIP Runner 2 when I see a worthy enough sale on it to exercise my wallet.

Speaking of wallets, lets get into a little bit of this years Summer Sale. I probably did the most damage to my wallet that I'll ever do, even when it comes to the upcoming Winter Sale. To keep it short and simple, the last day of the sale I spent $51.25 in games, and my library shot up from roughly 11, to 45 games purchased...Seriously, I DO plan to play all those games before I die.

Then there's this weekend's Quakecon Pack of 45 various id Software and Bethesda games for $89.99. Personally, I would just get the games you really want so you don't waste money on those that you know you're not going to play. This is exactly what I did as the only game I bought was Doom 3 BFG Edition for $4.99. A lot of those games offered I could simply pirate for free (they don't even include achievements for all the old DOS based games, so what's the point really?), or I just have no interest in playing. Even if I wanted to buy the pack just to increase my Games number closer to 100 it's a little bit pricy considering some of those games have the potential to go beyond 50 or 60% off in the future. Maybe for the DOS games I'll get them all for $1-3 each or whatever, but for games like Dishonored and the Elder Scrolls games, those could get better sales by themselves during a Winter Sale or some midweek/weekend sale.


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