It was a grueling 13 days, but roughly 60,000+ Twitch users have managed to capture all 8 gym badges and are now heading into the home stretch to face the Elite Four (+Blue)...but let's not get too excited here and look at the situation we're now in.

 In order to complete the game at this point one must defeat all 5 trainers in 1 run. If all Pokemon die, you are sent back to the beginning and have to do it all over again. With the mayhem that Twitch users ensue, this final stretch could take longer than it did arriving! Now granted, all experience gained through Pokemon battles does carry over, so the leveling up will not be hindered. However, without any way to quit the game and load the save after each trainer, it will be nothing but battles and training for the next week, two weeks...maybe longer. To ensure the game is completed in some degree, the team will need to all (or most) be at max level. This does not save us from the random flock of trolls that may swoop in and decide to release the Pokemon we all worked so hard to level up and raise, and if that becomes the might as well consider this game unfinished. I do have faith that some miracle will happen and that will not be the case and we can finally see the end to this game!


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