Sunday, February 9, 2014

What is Flappy Bird?

 This game has a very interesting, uh..."history" that I can see turn to "the legendary indie app" that only had a 1 week popularity lifespan. I can see the popularity in the game, but I could also see that popularity die down faster than some other titles such as Words With Friends and Draw My Thing. I had downloaded, played, and deleted the game within an hour. The gameplay concept isn't really new, but it's an interesting take on it. I used to play a flash game called Helicopter, so I guess having that kind of experience with the exception of "tap to flap", I wasn't all that interested in Flappy Bird. I certainly could see the competition, but for such a simple game I didn't see the game popularity last too long to begin with. Unfortunately the dev decided the overwhelming popularity was too much for him and as of today he pulled the plug on the game...oh well.


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