Starting last week my PC started shutting down by itself, and that usually can mean one thing: the CPU is overheating. The first few times it only happened in the morning after waking up from sleep mode, but would be fine the rest of the day, but since about Thursday afternoon, it's been shutting down after barely 10 minutes of being powered on after being off for an extended period of time to cool off. As a result, I pretty much stopped trying to turn the PC on for a couple days. Bought myself a Corsair H60 water CPU cooler at Newegg for $80, so I should be getting that sometime this week.

 Today I turned on the PC for the first time and is surprisingly running well (so far), but that won't stop me from installing the new heatsink, since I'm sure it's going to shut off again later on in the week, even if it never does for the rest of today that I'm typing this out. MAYBE if the PC can hold out today I can get the next Start to Finish encoded and uploaded without interruption!


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