Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pre-PAX Post

  In roughly 6 hours I will be heading out to Boston to attend this years PAX East. Last year I had only gone for Friday and Saturday, but this year I will be attending for the whole weekend. It was much surprise to me being the first time this year that they announce ticket sales in advance. This year, the 3-day passes sold out within the first hour of being available! Luckily I managed to snag the three single-day passes, which is extra money, but still gets me in all 3 days. Even the letter that came in the mail stated "You actually represent the most hardcore contingent of the PAX audience." Not quite hardcore enough to get 1 3-day pass, but oh well...maybe next year?

 I'll try to update each night with what I did, what I saw, who I saw, etc. Unfortunately, high quality pics won't be shown until after the convention is over, but maybe I can get some crap phone shots for you guys if I ever think of it.

 In terms of the status of Start to Finish updates. I have uploaded a new episode today, and will be uploading another when I get back from the convention, which takes care of the first of two missed episodes from my little overheating problem from a couple weeks ago. So enjoy that, while I spoil myself with more games.


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