Sunday, April 13, 2014

PAX East - Day 2 Recap

I'll make this short since I'm on a fairly tight schedule this morning. 

I spent the day going to some panels such as the Extra Credits panel, The Runaway Guys-Thrown Controllers, and a case modding panel. The Runaway Guys panel was pretty special as I just happened to be in line next to slowbeef, Diabetus, and a variety of members from the Something Awful forum. For once I was with people that actually knew video games overall, not just one generation or the other. It made the panel that much more fun to attend. I didn't do all that much aside walking around more through the expo hall and game rooms.

 Today is the last day of PAX and is also usually the day that discounts are made in the various shops. Hopefully I can find something that doesn't seem overpriced compared to internet pricing. Of course at the end of the day convention depression hits and I'll have to find ways to keep my spirits up as I head back to serious business...


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