Who would have thought up the idea of placing virtual bets on random, obscure, and interesting fighting matches such as Superman vs. Terry Bogard, Ronald McDonald vs. Wolverine, or even Spongebob vs. Mega Man? With the combination of Twitch, MUGEN, and simple web programming, Salty Bet came to life.

The idea of Salty Bet is quite simple. When you sign up (completely free) you start off with $400 Salty Bucks. Two characters appear on screen and you're given 45 seconds to place a bet on who would win. The match then begins as the two characters (both controlled by the AI) fight it out in a first to 3 match to the death. The winner receives a piece of the pot from the losers side. So if the winners side bid over $1,000,000 and the losers side is only maybe $24,000, the bidders on the winners side may only receive $5 as their prize. Of course there's always closer odds with better payouts so it varies between matches.

As of now Salty Bet is serving roughly 4,000-5,000 daily viewers on Twitch, but I feel this will drastically grow as the months pass.  This is still a fairly new idea that's started since this past May and as addicting as it is, I feel that this might be the next stream to compete against League of Legends streams if enough word gets around and interest arises.


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